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Qualified employees and vocational training opportunities in Germany

You want to work in Germany? Are you well educated or qualified and looking for a professional future in Germany? Then you are right by PVM Consulting.
We are working accordingly with the new qualified employment Immigration law. Afterwards qualified workers from non-EU countries can come to Germany more easily.
What we do
  • We consult you locally about the job situation and respectively about work or vocational training opportunities in Germany. We also show you what is realistic for you. There are no costs for the initial consultation.
  • We offer you various qualifying and training modules, which are necessary for the successful entry into the German labor market.
  • We support you in learning the German language, even after your arrival into Germany. The knowledge of the German language is a main requirement.
  • We support you with the German recognition of your certificates.
  • We will revise your application documents and coach you for job interviews with German companies and we will accompany you until the signing of the contract. If necessary, we are also available to support even after starting work.
  • We help you with your visa application at the German Embassy, but we have no influence on a positive decision. Please you should consider that there will be a long time of waiting.
  • We book a flight and help with finding a flat in Germany.
What you should bring
  • You have already completed an apprenticeship or you can respectively prove that you have a vocational qualification for at least three years.
  • You speak English or even German.
  • You have been living abroad for some time and you are used to the way of life of a globalized, Western-oriented society.
  • You have no problem, for example, as a cook to touch pork and / or alcohol.
  • Ideally when you are family independent.
  • You are service-oriented and reliable. Punctuality and courtesy are no foreign words for you.
  • You are interested in the sectors geriatric care, hotel industry, restaurant, warehousing and logistics. We also consult you pleasantly even when you have another profession.
  • You want a secure job and stay permission in Germany.
  • You are highly motivated and ready to invest for your future?
Then you should contact us as soon as possible:
One more word about the costs: There are no costs for the preliminary discussions and consultations.
Our fees are fairly calculated and transparent. Once you have decided, you only pay for services that you had truly received. By the conclusion of the contract, we will explain all costs in detail. The contract will be concluded with our German-based company.
You do not have any vocational training yet? No problem! Here too we can help.
We offer non-binding information for those who are interested. The best is when you prepare a CV.
Please apply here with your CV, name, e-mail adress and your phone number:


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We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Your PVM Consulting team